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The Year of the…. Magimix?

on January 29, 2014

Hello, I’m back!  Have you missed me?

It’s been almost a month, but I’ve been poorly for a bit of that time and, without the Austen-themed reviews to spur me on, I didn’t have all that much to write about.

Some lovely things have happened during January, though:

  • We spent a few days staying with my parents at the start of the year, as the girls and Southern Daddy didn’t have to start back until 6th January, which felt like a real treat as it’s often quite a rush back after New Year.
  • We booked our family summer holiday, which this year will be in a self-catering lodge in Norfolk.
  • I had a good day out at the Sage (now an annual event), learning and then performing choral songs from light operas with hundreds of other people and accompanied by the Royal Northern Sinfonia, which set me up for another season’s singing with choir (whose rehearsals resumed the following week).
  • I booked a spa session in February, with a voucher my parents gave me for my birthday – two hours at a hotel spa (accompanied by my lovely Stepmum) including a massage and a pedicure – looking forward to that!
  • I switched my online grocery deliveries to Waitrose (sounds like no big deal but when you’ve been “locked in” to a 6 month delivery plan with a supermarket who was rapidly becoming more and more disappointing, it’s a really nice feeling to be freeeeeeee! Plus, Waitrose brought me a free bottle of champagne with my first delivery and 4 discount codes for subsequent orders, and I’m very happy with the way it’s going.
  • We had a Burns’ Night Supper with haggis, “neeps and tatties ” and a very delicious cranachan.
  • I had a fun day out with the Butterfly’s class at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, exploring their mini rainforest (and enjoying a good chat with the other mum-helpers in the café while the children had their lunch!)
  • Southern Daddy and I have watched all of How I Met Your Mother season 8, which he got on DVD for Christmas (meaning we watched the whole thing in a month!)

Anyway, now we’re nearly at the end of January.  Friday, as you’ll probably know, is Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year.  Apparently, the coming year is the Year of the Horse, but I’m planning to make this year the Year of the Magimix…

SD gave me my Magimix food processor for my birthday several years ago.  In those days my kitchen was full of clutter with no available workspace, and any gadget I happened to own sat out somewhere.  I used the Magimix reasonably often.  But when my friend Wonderwoman helped me to blitz my house and make it less cluttered and more restful and generally nicer to live in, the Magimix and its accessories were relegated to a cupboard because there wasn’t the space to accommodate everything and I used things like the breadmaker more.  And so I all but stopped using it, because it was such a hassle to drag all the pans out of the cupboard to get it out (it’s heavy), and fish out the appropriate blade/attachment, and it’s been languishing in there for a few years now.  Today, though, I wanted to make a chocolate beetroot cake (it’s from this book, but I think for copyright reasons I’m not meant to give the recipe out here) which requires the beetroot to be blitzed in a food processor.  It has to be a food processor – I’ve tried it in the blender, with very messy results.

And as I was getting it all out, and cleaning the sticky, kitchen-y grease off it, and cutting my hand on one of the blades, I thought I should use this more, and not let it get so grubby through lack of use.

And then I thought I haven’t used the breadmaker in ages, because really the bread it makes is pretty poor, and so I only really use it to make dough, and to be honest a machine which only makes dough doesn’t really deserve a place on my counter, especially when I could make dough pretty easily in this instead.

So then I cleared off the recipe books, old paperwork and Christmas card from 2012 from on top and took my breadmaker and stuck it in the garage ready to be thrown out/given away if anyone wants it, and put my newly clean and sparkly food processor in its place.

2014-01-29 19.36.42

Apologies for the appalling photo quality, the current state of the weather means we’re getting practically NO natural light at any time of day.

So now I need to use it.  I plan to find, try out and share recipes this year which make as much use as possible of this versatile gadget.  And I plan to find out what all the attachments do, having only ever used the big whirly blade and one of the graters.

I also plan to replace the children’s artwork, which has been on display since approximately 2005, with a shelf to hold all the accessories (in the case behind the machine) and maybe some of my favourite recipe books.  And Southern Daddy is hoping that this doesn’t result in our redecorating the kitchen!

Some of the stuff which will be going! (The lady with red hair is not me, by the way - it's my mother-in-law! I think I might be the one with the blue arms though!)

Some of the stuff which will be going! (The lady with red hair is not me, by the way – it’s my mother-in-law! I think I might be the one with the blue arms though!)

So I look forward to sharing the Year of the Magimix with you as time goes by, and please, please do share any food-processor-based recipes with me that I might like to try!


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