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A bit of fun

on June 26, 2012

I find the talk forums on Mumsnet a useful source of information, frustration and amusement.  Thankfully the frustration tends to be to a lesser degree than the other two, otherwise I wouldn’t keep going back!

I thought I’d share with you an idea which has prompted a couple of hilarious threads today: the subject of creating names for yourself.  I’m sure you’ve heard of this concept before – you can create your StarWars droid name using some combination of your post code and something, or your fifties starlet name and others.  Today I’ve found out how to make some new ones:

  • Enid Blyton name: Your great-aunt’s first name + the name of your primary school
  • US Senator name: Your grandfather’s profession + the name of your street + the number of bedrooms you have, expressed as a Roman Numeral
  • Bloomsbury set name: Your grandmother’s middle name + your initial + the destination of your first UK school trip
  • Enid Blyton villain name: Your great-uncle’s first name + the name of a street you pass regularly

Some of these require more imagination than others: I am a whole family of Enid Blyton girls by virtue of my 5 great-aunts (I had 6 but two of them were named Gladys), and can believe that Kate, Rose, Gladys, Irene and Alice Hawthorn would have got on really well at Malory Towers.  However, neither of my grandmothers was given a middle name, and my first school trip was to Skegness, so I’ve had to work a bit harder to come up with Ruby H. Winthorpe (a district of Skegness) and it still doesn’t sound as impressive as the people who visited places like Avebury stone circle as school children.

And try as I might, I cannot make any combination of my numerous great-uncles’ names and local streets sound in any way villainous or sinister (Tom Sutton? – sounds like a friendly farmer)!

Have a go if you’ve got a spare minute.  You might be amused by what you come up with!  Although I don’t think anyone can top Trixie-Lou Wansdyke!


2 responses to “A bit of fun

  1. Fiona says:

    Love this! And my grandmother was called Gladys 🙂 xxx

  2. janereads says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know the name of my great aunt, nor my grandmother’s middle name. Looks like I have some research to do … BTW, I used to love Malory Towers. All those midnight picnics made my schooling seem boring by comparison.

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