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Getting connected

on June 15, 2012

Without a doubt, today’s challenge in the Great Writers Series is the hardest so far, and I have to confess that I decided not to follow it exactly.  Today, day 8, the word is connect.  In his post, Jeff talks about how writers need to be connected to others in order to get the best results from their work.  The three groups of people they require are friends (fellow writers with whom they can spend mutually beneficial and encouraging times), fans (those who enjoy reading their work) and patrons (those in the industry who can advise, support and promote them).  This makes perfect sense to me, and to a certain extent I have fulfilled two of the criteria: I have friends who write (although none, as far as I know, who write what I write, so I’m not sure how helpful I can be to them) and I have followers of my blog, some of whom have said very complimentary things about what I’ve written, so I suppose that counts (“fans”, though!  The very idea!).  I have nothing in the way of a patron and I can’t bring myself to believe it’s something I really need at the moment, since I’ve still not fully made up my mind that publishing is what I want to do with my writing.

The challenge is to cultivate one connection in each of the three categories by contacting the person in question and reaching out to them (either by arranging for coffee if they’re local or a Skype session if not, but I shall be approaching the whole thing by email, having no local contacts that I know of an a pathological fear of anything phone-related).  Having sent a copy of one of my short stories recently to someone who expressed an interest, I guess that works for a fan and I shall be sure to look for feedback.  In terms of a friend, I have thought of someone I know, formerly a member of my book group who has now moved away from the area, who writes fiction and might be able to correspond with tips and ideas which could help us both.

I am not, notNOT going to contact a potential patron and ask them to consider that role!  However, I’ve done my best to follow the challenge by contacting Sue Moorcroft to tell her how enjoyable and useful I’m finding Love Writing and to ask her a question.  I’ve also discovered some websites and ideas from the book which should help me make further contacts.  That will do, for now.

Sorry for another very brief and boring post – I’ve used up all my writing time this evening composing my email to Sue.  Friday is also Date Night in our house which means I can now to put the laptop away and relate face to face with someone!


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