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I’m a believer

on June 7, 2012

Day 2 (yesterday) of the Great Writers Series required me to Believe.

As Jeff Goins says in his Day 2 post, “A wise man once said we are the sum of our conscious thoughts.  In other words, we become what we fixate on.”  That’s a useful idea for many aspects of life, but in terms of writing, believing that I’m a writer (having declared it to others) will help me to write more, and more productively, because I’ll be feeling positive about what I’m doing.

It certainly seems to be working.  The other part of yesterday’s requirements was for me to get up two hours earlier than usual this morning and write (I’m still not very clear on whether that’s part of yesterday’s challenge, or if it’s today’s already done with, and I won’t find out for a little while as he’s in Tennessee, about seven hours behind me, so won’t be updating his blog just yet!).  I wasn’t too worried about the two hours earlier part, because it’s the school holidays this week so there was really no need for me to get up very early at all.  But I was very concerned that I wouldn’t have anything to say.  Someone on the website suggested I try some creative writing exercises and I started to Google for sites I could use.  Mostly they seemed to present scenarios to get you started on an idea, and suddenly something occurred to me along similar lines.  A friend had told me that when her Grandma was dying in hospital, my friend’s sister had suddenly announced that my friend was getting married.  When challenged, she confessed she had done this as a nice thought for their Grandma and, as it turned out, my friend and her boyfriend had been thinking about it and did decide to get engaged, so Grandma was able to see the ring before she died.  But, I thought, what if they hadn’t wanted to get married?  And what if Grandma had rallied on hearing the happy news?  It was a wonderful idea to explore and I was so excited I wrote two paragraphs before I went to bed last night (seriously, though, my memory is so appalling there was a strong possibility of the whole idea disappearing if I hadn’t done!)

The main discovery I’ve made through this exercise is that if I am a writer (yes, I know, I am a writer) I’m a Night Writer.  It took me ages to get to sleep last night, lying there as I was with all sorts of phrases and sentences lining themselves up in my mind to form part of the story, yet this morning I struggled to recall most of it, even though it was so considerably later than most people on the exercise (4.30am, Alice?  Amazing!) that I’m ashamed to admit it (7.00 *said in a tiny voice so no-one hears*).  This comes as no surprise at all, since I’ve always been a Night-Owl and done my most productive work – academic and otherwise – after 8pm.  My ideal 8 hours’ sleep, should work and family life permit, would be 12.30 -8.30 am.  Usually I go to bed at 10.30 pm and lie awake for a while, then struggle to wake up at 7.oo am, whereas if left to my own devices I wake spontaneously (and in a good mood!) at 8.30am.  Incidentally, Southern Daddy is a definite Lark, which doesn’t make for a good combination when dating (A dawn picnic, you say? How delightful! *rictus grin*) but if you get beyond that stage is a perfect arrangement when you have a newborn baby.

Nonetheless, I did feel excited, going downstairs this morning as I scrabbled through my mind for the remaining odds and ends of last night’s ideas, that this was Writing Time and I was allowed to do it.  There was nothing more important that I was supposed to be doing and nothing to distract me.  Of course, having not got up nearly early enough that lasted about 30 seconds before the Bookworm appeared, in a silly mood and chattering on about nothing in particular.  I finished up back in bed with the laptop, reasoning that S.D. would not disturb me nearly as much, and wrote solidly for the two hours, apart from odd sips of the cup of tea that was kindly provided to help awaken my brain!

I’m about half-way through the story but I’ve stopped for now, in case I need to do something specific with my two hours’ worth.  I await further instructions!


One response to “I’m a believer

  1. Alice says:

    Oh this is so exciting! And what a brilliant idea. I’d love to read it if ever you share it.
    I am neither an evening nor a morning person!! I get tired early in the evening and would rather laze in the morning. But all three of our kids are very early risers – Mikey was up before me is morning! I’m not sure I’ll be a very good mum if I carry on with the early hours but it really was lovely to be allowed to write!!!

    Keep going and keep enjoying it!

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