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Herman revisited

on April 9, 2012

I am so sorry about the delay in blogging about Herman.   As usual, all my best intentions went awry, especially with the complication of increased migraine trouble (it’s a problem I’ve suffered from on and off since the Butterfly was born but recently the causes seem to have become more numerous).

Anyway, here is the next stage in the process.  Even though it was finished and consumed weeks ago I want to do this in stages, not least because when I try to put several photos into a blog post everything goes horribly wrong –  the “Preview” button does not appear to want to show me what the finished post will look like, and instead shows something altogether more tidy and beautiful which is never seen again once I click “Publish”.  And let’s not even get started on what happens if I try to go back and edit something…

So, having kept the starter in a bowl for 3 days, stirring each day, it needed to be “fed” on day 4.  For this you add a cup each of plain flour, sugar and milk

Feeding Herman

Feeding Herman, day 4

and stir it in until reasonably smooth (doesn’t have to be perfect as the fermenting process seems to help break down any lumps as time goes on).

If you don’t have a set of American cups (and can I recommend that you think about getting some, as they are not expensive and I use mine more and more for recipes I get off the internet?), you might find it useful to know that a cup measurement is equivalent to about 240ml.   By weight it would obviously depend on which ingredient you were measuring.

So that’s it for now.  The mixture now continues to stand in its bowl under its tea-towel for a further 5 days before the big day on day 9!


One response to “Herman revisited

  1. fionamerrick says:

    Exciting! I am so pleased to have learned about cups – that is something I keep meaning to ask you about but never remember to do so. And I too struggle with previews, publishing, editing, photos and all other things to do with blogging – I never know what I’ve done wrong, either! So much hope you have a migraine-free week xxx

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