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A new toy

on February 26, 2012

I may have mentioned before that I’m a fan of Kenwood kitchenware.  I think the first thing I owned was the hand-blender which I bought to make my own baby-food, back in the days when I thought the Bookworm would prefer to eat things I’d prepared freshly rather than strangely-coloured mush which was produced by pouring boiling water onto a powder with a very strong smell.  Happily those times are long behind me now – not only are my daughters both fully capable not only of eating solid food but of using cutlery to cut it up and feed it to themselves, but before the Butterfly was weaning someone told me about Baby Led Weaning which was a real blessing to our whole family and relieved us of having to live through the purée trauma for a second time.  I’d definitely do it again if I had any more children.

Anyway, I digress.  The reason we bought a Kenwood hand-blender was because it was the cheapest in John Lewis on the day we went to get it, by virtue of a special offer, I think.  Usually my kitchen electronics tended towards the cheaper end of the market because I wasn’t usually in a position to invest much at any given time.  About 3 years ago, however, my hand mixer suddenly died as I was embarking on a large baking project to provide cupcakes for a meeting, and I borrowed a Kenwood hand mixer from a friend to complete the job on time.  I was very impressed with it – the speed settings were a bit more spaced out than I’d been used to and I liked the way the shape of it meant you could rest it on the counter without it falling over and spreading cake mix everywhere.  So I bought one for myself.  It was a bit more than I’d usually pay but I could see what I was getting for my extra money.

Then I decided I needed a goblet blender, as the hand-blender was proving insufficient for making soup – it couldn’t get things down to a proper liquid and it also tended to be quite splattery at times.  After a small amount of research I again opted for a Kenwood (no point in telling you which one as they’ve changed them all now) and I can honestly say it is the best kitchen-related purchase I have ever made, which is why I rave about it from time to time.  It’s very simple – 2 speeds plus a pulse function – and a nice big goblet means I can easily make soup for about 8 at a time.  There’s a small feeding cup in the centre of the lid for adding amounts of extra ingredients through its hole and another smaller pot which you can use for chopping herbs or nuts and that has a lid so you can keep the things you’ve chopped afterwards.  What’s more, the blade detaches from the goblet so you can clean the whole thing really easily.  Big fan.

Anyway, last week, after almost 3 years, I managed to kill off the Kenwood hand mixer.  I think it’s the longest one has ever lasted for me, and bearing in mind it’s used twice a week on average it’s probably not bad.  Obviously I needed a replacement as soon as possible to I began to look around.  I had already been looking at stand mixers not long before, but decided that I probably don’t have the money or the space for one at the moment, however useful and powerful it might be.  But when I needed a new hand mixer the Kenwood kMix was already in my mind and I knew they did a hand mixer in that range.  I consulted Jo and Holly (from the Great British Bake Off) via Twitter, to get their opinions on whether it was worth spending so much extra money.  Jo was of the opinion that if I couldn’t have a stand mixer then the I should get the best hand mixer I could.  Holly was unequivocally in favour of the hand held kMix and told me it had amazed her when beforehand she hadn’t seen the point of hand mixers at all, and cut her mixing times in half!  Thankfully my lovely husband agreed that with the amount of use it would get it was worth the investment and so I was able to have my new toy.

It has a rather “retro” appearance, I think, which is good because my kitchen is heading in that direction with some new storage tins and Cath Kidston fabrics.  There are three colours to choose from and I chose Almond as I thought it would go with more things than Raspberry (the third colour, Peppercorn, would also have been fine but everywhere I looked it was about £10 more expensive).  Usually my mixer lives in a drawer with other gadgets, but when this arrived it had a little stand with it which accommodates the mixer as well as the beaters and dough hooks.  The mixer has a channel at the end of the body which is supposed to house the flex, but even when you wrap it round really tightly you can only get about half of it round if you then want it to fit into the stand.  I just looped the rest around the handle which is fine and keeps it out of the way.  And it really does work amazingly well! I used it for a 6-egg pancake batter yesterday (haven’t had chance to use it on anything else yet, Herman only requires a spoon) and even just using the slowest setting (which is really quite slow, non-splashy and very quiet) it whipped up the batter really smoothly and quickly.  It has 5 speeds and also a pulse function which will come in really useful for things like cream where you have to be so precise.

No doubt you’ll hear more on this in the coming weeks as I discover more about it!  Also, it came with 6 recipes – 3 savoury and 3 sweet – which I’m keen to try, so that will be an excuse to make more use of it!


2 responses to “A new toy

  1. fionamerrick says:

    How fabulous! I am a fellow Kenwood fan (and discovered from you the rather prosaic origins of the brand name!) and am always delighted to hear an appliance recommendation. Hooray for Matthew and his kindness in supporting the purchase! xxx

  2. Alice says:

    Ooh, how lovely!! Xxx

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