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One Day More!

on November 30, 2011

So – I’ve managed to stay snack-free for the whole of November (apart from the little piece of pumpkin muffin last week – and the bite I accidentally took from a piece of my friend’s birthday cake before I was reminded by the unfamiliar texture in my mouth that I was eating CAKE! and dropped it like a hot potato).  No cakes or biscuits, no chocolate or sweets, in fact not very much between meals at all.  Now it’s 30th November and tomorrow I fully intend to tuck into one of the M&S mince pies which are waiting in my kitchen.  Possibly even for breakfast.

So, what have I achieved during this month?  Well, mainly the realisation that I can do it.  It’s not often that I go more than a couple of days without eating chocolate (then usually because I’ve eaten it all and haven’t had chance to get any more) but I haven’t missed it as much as I thought.  I have the self control to say “no, thanks” when offered a biscuit with my cup of tea, or to slam the lid on the tin when the smell of the flapjack I’ve made for my Thursday morning mosaic group comes wafting once to often in my direction.  I don’t yet know if it’s made any permanent changes to my snacking habits as the mince pie might just be the thin end of the wedge and I’ll slip right back into it.  But at least I know it’s possible.

Secondly, the experiment has led to another realisation although I’m not sure which it is yet – could be one of about three possibilities: either a) I need to do it for longer if I’m to lose any weight (not my intention, just thought it would be a nice side effect) as I appear not have lost even a couple of pounds; b) I weighed a LOT more than I thought I did at the start of November without realising it; or c) my bathroom scales don’t work very well.  I’m obviously hoping it’s option c), because yesterday morning I apparently weighed 10 stone (63.5 kg/140lb) which I didn’t think I even weighed before.  I actually did feel as if I’d lost weight – my tummy is less round, some of my clothes are slightly looser and my face seems thinner than it has been – and I definitely don’t feel 10 stone.  But there you go.  I don’t think it’s going to stop me from devouring everything I feel like over Christmas, although having refrained this month I might do it with a little less abandon, and I guess I might just rein it in again in January!


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