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Resurrection Cookies

on April 24, 2011

So here’s the verdict on the Resurrection Cookies, as promised yesterday.  We made them yesterday evening and the girls really enjoyed being involved in the process and really got the point of all the analogies with the Biblical account of Easter.  It all went really well and we put them in the oven and switched it off,  as instructed, having symbolically taped up the door (it was at this point I realised I wouldn’t be able to make the Simnel cake again last night, no longer having access to the oven!).

The oven, "sealed" for the night!

However, this morning when we opened the oven they weren’t cooked!  I’m not at all experienced with meringue so I can’t say for sure but I wonder if the fan oven cools too quickly for the residual heat to cook them.  Next time I’ll try leaving it on for half an hour or so before turning it off overnight.  Anyway, we popped them back in for about 20 minutes and then got them out to cool more quickly.

The cooling cookies

They didn’t seem to suffer at all for the speeded-up cooling process, but I think the damage had been done during the night as the soft meringue had solidified and there was not much hollow in the centre.  I think we needed to break up the nuts more than we did as they seemed to be filling a lot of potential holes (my husband told the girls they were the grave-clothes left behind in the empty tomb!).  Anyway, there were enough small holes to give the general idea, and they did taste good!

A "hollow"!

So, I’ll definitely try these again in future but with a couple of tweaks to see if I can improve the results.

Christ is risen! – He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

Happy Easter!


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