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Chocolate Roulade – post script

on April 21, 2011

Just wanted to upload this and then I promise I’ll stop going on about chocolate roulade!

I made the second one this morning following the recipe I posted earlier this week and it has turned out very well.

My finished roulade (apologies for the wall switch in the background!)

However, there were certain things I noticed that I’d forgotten about so I thought it was worth adding them here as annotations.

  • Firstly, although the recipe says to beat the yolks and sugar for 10 minutes, I did that today and didn’t notice any change whatsoever in the last 5 minutes of beating, so I think that could be cut down to 5.  I might try that next time.
  • Secondly, the mixture in the tin looks like loads, especially if your tin measurements are smaller than recommended, like mine, and when it comes out of the oven it will have risen even more.  However, the resulting sponge will be so light and fluffy that when you cover it with the tea-towel it will settle to less than half its height and be quite suitable for rolling.
  • Thirdly, I’m not sure what happened when I annotated my recipe to say that it might take up to 45 minutes cooking! After the scorching incident on Sunday I decided to play safe and check it after 15 minutes.  I was glad I did as it was just starting to catch slightly on top and had risen amazingly well.  I probably could have taken it out at that point but I turned the oven down to 150C and left it another 5 minutes, then removed it.  It was completely cooked through but couldn’t really be described as “firm”.  Once it had cooled under the tea-towel it did become more firm.
  • Finally I thought I should point out that the sponge is very damp once cooled.  I remember this from last time and whilst this makes it roll well, you need to put plenty of icing sugar on as it will dissolve, and leave time for it to dry out slightly before serving!
My next project this week, depending on when I get around to it, will either be a Simnel Cake (a hybrid of Delia’s and Nigella’s recipes, because I like Delia’s version with the chopped up marzipan and the lattice, but the cake recipe contains mincemeat, I haven’t got any left and can’t find it in the shops!) or these hot cross buns.  I used to make them every year and we ate them when we got home from church on Good Friday.  In the last few years, however, there has been a children’s craft event immediately after the service, which we’ve been heavily involved in (and which I now co-organise) so we haven’t done it, but this year I think I’ll do them in the afternoon and we’ll have them for tea, because I miss them.  But no more baking for now until I’ve fully prepared for the craft event!

What do you think? Let me know!

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