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Catch-up: part four

on April 17, 2011

Finally I thought I ought to give an update on the walking situation since I announced it so ceremoniously before my long silence.

The training went quite well up to the 11 mile point before hitting a snag.  Besides being somewhat demoralising (9 of the 11 miles was completed whilst in dire need of the loo, which slowed me down quite a bit!) it made me realise that the long weekend sessions were depriving me of time with my family which isn’t ideal when the only time I have with them really is at the weekend.  Also I was alone for all of that time, which is monotonous and felt slightly dangerous at times when it started to go dark.  The training plan also got ridiculously demanding (I’m sorry, but however you look at it, 4 miles in half an hour is running, not walking!) which made me less inclined to train, and I took stock of the situation.  When I did my 13 mile walk in 2009 I did no extra training in advance, I just never assumed I wouldn’t be able to do it.  This time everything was more official and when the training plan arrived it made me feel that it should be followed.  But I can walk, fairly long distances, and whilst I won’t break any speed records or complete the course in the graceful, unruffled manner of some (or possibly even be able to walk the next day!), I will complete the course because of all the other people around me, because of the people who’ve sponsored me and because of Mum and all the other people who fight or have fought bowel cancer, whether they’ve won or lost, who deserve the work that Cancer Research UK do on their behalf.

Shine Manchester is in 2 weeks’ time.  Please sponsor me or someone you know who’s taking part, or find out what else you can do to help out.  I’m sure many people, like me, will be doing it by themselves and would just love it if there were people there cheering them on!


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