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I may be some time

on August 20, 2010

Although I still have a way to go with the Jane Austen Challenge, I’m taking a break from it, because finally – finally! – *fanfare*


Yes, the long-awaited day has arrived.  After reading the first three Twilight novels in quick succession (bought as a set in paperback not long after Breaking Dawn was released in hardback) I resolved to wait and have all four of them as a matching set.  Little did I know that the release date for the paperback edition of BD would be put back quite as long as this – evil, mercenary industry cashing in on the fact that it was still in the hardback bestseller list as the original paperback release date approached this time last year – but the longer it went on, the more it became a point of principle.  Yes, I could have borrowed my friend’s hardback (after she defected and asked for it for Christmas), or got it out of the library to read and still bought my own copy later, but to me that wasn’t the point.

Now, at last, the paperback edition is out and my copy – pre-ordered months ago from Amazon – arrived today (although, incidentally, what’s that about? Pre-orders from Amazon used to arrive on or even before the publication date.  Mine was dispatched on Wednesday but only arrived today, after a disturbing message on the tracking website yesterday saying it was en route to Ireland).  And even if I haven’t really achieved anything by waiting, I feel I have struck a small blow against those money-obsessed people who delayed the release for so long, and a much bigger blow against my natural inclination to Get It Now.  So I feel I’ve earned the right to feel a bit pleased with myself and I’m off to start it now, as soon as I’ve made myself a cup of tea.


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