Northern Mummy

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Post number 1

on May 3, 2010

Well, this is my blog.  It’s generally intended for me to write down what I’m doing and thinking about so I guess it’s mainly a journal for myself, but in the spirit of 21st century society and our compulsive need to share everything that crosses our mind with anyone who cares to listen, I’ve put it on Tinternet rather than just onto my computer – or, as indeed I used to, in an actual diary with one of those pointless locks that can be picked by a baby (in fact I got mine cheap because the key was missing and used to lock and unlock it with my fingernail…)

So, I mainly intend to comment on reading and cooking (mainly baking) I’ve done, as that’s what I do most of – hence the title.  However, if something else crosses my mind I’ll probably do some of that too.


What do you think? Let me know!

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